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SPECIES Base Hit Points Target Number Hands Move Armor Option ALIEN ABILITY
Xeloxian 5 8 6 2 Y Fistwalk: Add free hands to move value.
Aggressive: Add +1 point to direct personal attack damage.

Xeloxians resemble giant jacks, floating with jointed limbs that have eyes in the palms of their six hands. When they want to move quickly, they can drop whatever they’re holding and pull themselves along with these limbs.

Practically neutrally buoyant, Xeloxians are capable of flight in an atmosphere and they exchange genetic materials by flying in great clouds together on their home planet of Xelox. Their main religion is a worship/celebration of the number six. Next to humans, Xeloxians are the most naturally warlike of the known species.

Alien Abilities: Fistwalk, Aggressive

Fistwalk: Add +1 to your Move value for each free hand. Thus, a Xeloxian with objects in three of its six hands has a Move of 5.

Aggressive: Add +1 to the total damage dealt when you deal direct damage with personal attacks. This applies only to point-based direct personal attacks (i.e. not to stun, EMP, ship’s weapons, grenades, etc.).

Homeworld: Xelox 6.6

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