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Starbases, Starlabs, and Outposts


The class of objects that is basically stationary or orbiting ships (Starbases, Starlabs, and Outposts) is collectively referred to as “bases”. Starlabs are bases that exchange one weapon module for a second Science Bay. Outposts are bases that exchange their only Science Bay for a weapon module.

Bases do not track power levels but they do track OOC.

Count their effective Guns and Shields power levels equal to the number of functional Engines they have. They cannot transfer or pump power. Their power levels don’t drop unless the Engines are taken offline.

Shields power is considered zero if the base does not have at least one functional Science Bay. This could be due to it not having one in the first place (an Outpost) or having their Science Bay broken or slagged for a traditional starbase or both Science Bays broken or slagged for a Starlab.

The Speed of a base is zero unless it is orbiting in which case the Speed is 1.

OOC for a base drops to zero at the end of each Phase.

Bases have 360 facing with all external modules for targeting purposes but themselves can only be targeted from the front unless you are in the same hex with them.

The size for a base is considered exactly as per a ship (size =1/3 modules). The back row of a base consists of Engines. The middle and top rows vary based on the type of base and its size.


Bases have 1 character of each profession on them of a random species unless otherwise specified. If they have 2 or more Life Supports, add one set of bots regardless of how many additional Life Supports.

Sample Base Layouts

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