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Based on some of the recent additions, solo mission compatibility should be a tag — Peter Cobcroft 2017/06/30 04:27

Yep. Missions could have all kinds of helpful tags. For example, complexity and difficulty level, generic kind of mission (scientific/puzzle, combat, etc.), replayability, generic vs campaign-specific (for example, it they assume you're on one side of the civil war, or playing merchs, pirates, etc.). — Juanma Barranquero 2017/06/30 04:32

And the campaign specific types are important too as they advance one of the four campaign progress tracks. — Peter Cobcroft 2017/07/03 04:23

Do you mean the 'scientific', 'military', 'political', 'economic' indicators? These are mission tags in GCW, but in the ARB they are selected more-or-less randomly, aren't they? (pg 176, “Mission Selection”). — Juanma Barranquero 2017/07/03 07:30

yeah, PG uses them as well. — Peter Cobcroft 2017/07/03 19:04
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