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This module literally allows for interstellar flight.

Travel from system to system would take years without a Hyperdrive. Unfortunately, the Hyperdrive is adversely affected by the gravity well of planetary bodies and the warp bubble of other vessels.

Used Markers

Each attempt to use the Hyperdrive puts a Used marker on it, and any use of it is at a penalty of 3 for each Used marker.

Damage and Slagging

Each time the Hyperdrive suffers a Damage marker, it loses a Program marker. If it becomes slagged, it loses all Program markers.

Warping In

(Battlestation Action: Science vs. Ship Size)

Unless otherwise specified in the mission briefing, ships that warp in begin play 20 hexes from the nearest planet, ship, or star of their choice at Speed 1. Note that you must be at least 20 hexes from all such objects. Roll a die to determine the random facing for the ship after it warps in.

As the first action at the start of the first Phase of Round 1, a character may use the Hyperdrive to attempt to warp in closer.

Unlike most other actions in Battlestations, the Warp In check does not require you to declare a target before rolling the dice. Every 3 successes moves the ship one hex in the direction of your choice.

Warping In in Formation

A fleet of two or more ships can warp in “in formation”. The lead ship warps in as normal and the other ships warp in with the same facing.

They'll be at a distance of 2 hexes further from any objects that inhibit warp.

Note: when two or more ships travel in formation like this, it appears like an invasion to the destination and they generally turn out the whole navy if they are a world of significance.

Programming the Hyperdrive

(Battlestation Action: Science vs. 8, +3 per additional Program marker you wish to attempt)

Success gets you a Program marker. When a ship has as many Program markers as its Size, it is eligible to Warp Out (see below).

You may not attempt to get Program markers while within 12 hexes of a planet or star. A ship that is within that distance loses all Program markers.

Warp Out

(Battlestation Action: Science vs. 8)

A ship with a number of Program markers equal to its Size may warp out to leave the system. Usually this ends the mission but if there are unfriendlies aboard the ship you will need to resolve the boarding action.

In System Warp

You cannot do this. If you warp out, you've left the mission.

Ping for Cloaked Objects

Since the Hyperdrive uses technology that interacts with the gravitational fields in a system (you can't program within 12 hexes of a planet), you can use the Hyperdrive to detect cloaked objects.


(Battlestation Action: Science vs. 0, add +3 for each additional question)

Success answers any of the following questions of your choice:

  • Distance to the nearest cloaked object
  • Speed of the nearest cloaked object
  • Facing of your ship to the nearest cloaked object
  • Number of cloaked objects in the system

You may substitute “second closest” or “third closest” etc. for “closest”.

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