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Advanced technologies allow a character to enhance their bodies with built-in equipment.

Cyberware is always energized and does not require a hand to use.

A character will gain the benefit from at most one of each piece of cyberware. You can have multiple skill chips but only one chip of each skill will give you a benefit.

Installing/Uninstalling Cyberware

(Science vs. 11)

Normally cyberware is installed or uninstalled between missions. You can install or uninstall cyberware from yourself or a non resisting character. Failure in this check deals a die of damage.

Broken or EMPed Cyberware

Broken or EMPed cyberware confers a penalty rather than a bonus. i.e. a skill chip gives a penalty to your skill checks instead of a bonus.


Unless otherwise stated in the description, upgraded cyberware has half the mass.

Skill Chips

1000cr, mass 2, energized, rq# 13

Reduce the difficulty by 1 for skill attempts to use the listed skill:

Mentor Chip

Adds +10% to experience gained. If the chip is uninstalled, or broken at all during the campaign turn, it confers no bonus or penalty.

Athletics Skill Chip 1000 2 y 13 -1 difficulty for Athletics skill checks
Combat Skill Chip 1000 2 y 13 -1 difficulty for Combat skill checks
Diplomacy Skill Chip 1000 2 y 13 -1 difficulty for Diplomacy skill checks
Engineering Skill Chip 1000 2 y 13 -1 difficulty for Engineering skill checks
Mentor Chip 500 2 y 12 Add +10% experience gained
Piloting Skill Chip 1000 2 y 13 -1 difficulty for Piloting skill checks
Psionics Skill Chip 1000 2 y x Treasure Item Only
Sanity Skill Chip 1000 2 y 13 -1 difficulty for Sanity skill checks
Science Skill Chip 1000 2 y 13 -1 difficulty for Science skill checks
AutoNurse 500 6 y 12 +1 point of healing per die
Cyberfoot 2000 8 y 15 +1 move
Cybergyros 1000 10 y 13 Treat OOC for you as one lower
Cyberhand 2500 6 y 16 +1 hand
Cyberhook 500 8 y 12 Built in vibraknife (1d6 damage). Other actions with it at +1 difficulty.
Cyberpatch 400 2 y 10 Reduce remote penalties by 1. -1 difficulty to Hack.
Discipline Collar 250 6 y 11 Free reroll as a last roll, suffer 1d6 damage if it fails.
FiberDerm 1300 10 y 14 +1 Hit Point and -1 difficulty on Athletics based skill checks.
MedJack 150 2 y 8 Carries drugs at half weight. Easier to heal.
Skeletal Enhancement 1500 0 y 15 Increase carry by 10. Upgrade increases carry by 5 more.
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