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Engineering is the skill that governs the repair of anything bot-sized or larger (yes, there is an overlap with Science on bots). You'll also use it to pump the engines for more power as well as power transfers and the operation of a few Cargo Bay items like Tractors, and Damage Control.

Professional Engineers wear blue uniforms.

Use Engineering for:

  • Repairing anything bot-sized or larger that is broken (Bots, Cargo Bay items, Modules) with an Engineering skill check of 11.
  • Pumping an Engine for more power (page 127) with an Engineering check of 8 for 1 power. Add 3 difficulty for each additional power and for each Used marker.
  • Transferring Power in an Engine (page 127) between systems just like Pumping for power above but ignores Used markers and does not generate them.
  • Breaking a Module with an Engineering check of 11.
  • Upgrade anything bot-sized or larger (page 145).
  • Operation of Mine Layer (page 135) and some Cargo Bay items (page 109).


(Engineering vs. 11)

Repair anything bot-sized or larger (like a Module or a Cargo Bay item). Reduce the difficulty by one for this check if you have a ToolKit in hand.

Break a Module

(Engineering vs. 11)

This puts a module into a broken state without causing hull damage. Reduce the difficulty by one for this check if you have a ToolKit in hand.

Add a Broken marker to the module (see page 108). This can be done to sabotage a module or stuff it with contraband or Downgrade it to create an upgraded Barrel.


(Science or Engineering vs. 11, and must use a MedKit]], ToolKit, or battlestation)

This reduces the ionization markers on an adjacent target to zero. You may add +3 per additional adjacent target. May be done remotely at normal remote +3 penalty from a battlestation to de-ionize a target(s) at other battlestation(s).

Extinguish Fires

(Engineering vs. 8 )

(you may add +3 per additional adjacent target)

This removes fire from an adjacent target. You may take this action from anywhere in a module to put out the fire in the module or as a battlestation action to put out fire on a module.

Add +3 to the difficulty to put out all fires in the module. See more details on Fires on page 150.

Open Modules and Smuggling

There are various things you can do with a broken module that might matter in certain campaigns. Disregard this stuff unless it becomes relevant.


(Automatic Action)

A module in a broken state can be stuffed with barrels or stowaways as an automatic action. Each barrel or stowaway takes up one square of the module that isn't empty. Two crammed squares cannot share a side. You could cram an Engine with up to 6 barrels (but it would be at +6 difficulty to use!).

A subsequent repair action will put the module back in working form but it will be impaired. A module with crammed objects in it functions at a +1 difficulty per crammed object. A Life Support crammed in this fashion supports one less character per penalty (to a minimum of zero). A module with a battlestation suffers the penalty to skill checks to use the module.

Crammed characters (stowaways) tax Life Support just as much as the rest of the crew. A crew of 4 with a stowaway crammed in a Life Support would suffer 2 dice of unsupported Life Support damage. One die for the extra passenger and one die because the Life Support module is being compromised. You are better off cramming the Hyperdrive.

You cannot cram a Cargo Bay.

Cramming less than a barrel still harms the functionality of the module.

Stowing Away

(Automatic Action)

This is essentially cramming a person into a module. It is an automatic action to cram yourself into a module. You are operating in a slagged square while you do so. You may repair the module while crammed.

While stowed or crammed, you suffer collateral damage that all occupants of the module suffer as do any crammed pieces of gear or barrels.

Breaking Out

(Automatic Action)

It is an automatic action to break out and it puts you in the nearest empty square. Most enemy stowaways go on overwatch to break out during the first Phase so they aren't just sitting ducks during character actions on the second Phase. Breaking out does not harm the module. Crammed objects can only be removed from a broken module.

Downgrading a Module

(Engineering vs. 11, while crammed in a module)

In some campaigns (Pirates1), How Much for Your Planet2), Zombies, etc.) the heroes may not have access to all of the spare parts they'll need to upgrade modules. You can create an upgrade barrel for a module by making an Engineering check of 11 while stowing away inside a module to remove the most valuable bits from that module.

This downgrades the module. It functions permanently at +1 difficulty to use and puts a barrel in your hand that can be used as an upgrade barrel as your upgrade action to upgrade a module of the same exact type.

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