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Each Battlestation game takes place in the context of a mission with specific details outlined as to the setup and objectives the heroes are to accomplish for success.


This gives a name to the scenario that may or may not give a clue about its nature.


This call to action gives a synopsis of the situation and objectives.


This clearly states the victory conditions for the mission.

Overwhelming Success

If the mission is successful and this goal is also reached, the heroes will have overwhelming success which indicates bonus rewards as detailed on page 149.

Note: Official missions in this wiki do not include the following sections to avoid spoiling the fun to players.


This describes what pieces need to be put in place before you begin the scenario. Typically, it includes an enemy ship that will be of equal size to that of the heroes unless otherwise stated and crewed as outlined in the NPC crew rules on page 160.

Setup may also include planets or enemy installations. Unless otherwise stated, during Setup the players should assemble their own ships and place their characters, bots, and allies on it. Put all ships at speed 1 with no OOC and starting power levels of 1 in each system.

Special Rules

Most missions have something special going on such as a data gathering requirement, black hole, etc. This is where you find out what the special rules are.

Enemy's Eyes Only

Some missions contain special secrets for only the Enemy to see, which will be highlighted1) with a colored background. In some missions (It's a Trap!), this will change the mission objective at a certain point.

Plot Twists

Some of the missions in this book have recommended Plot Twists (and Epic Plot Twists) that the Enemy can apply before the mission starts by discarding the appropriate number of cards.

List of Missions

Quickstart Missions

In the published manual.
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