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Guest Star Missions

This section includes 35 new missions that were designed or inspired by a wide variety of people with a wide range of knowledge about games and Battlestations. I originally employed this as a crass marketing technique to draw attention to the game but it has turned into a real gold mine.

The chief benefit of these missions is that they come from far outside the box. Many of these collaborators weren't even aware there was a box.

I've done the best job I can to shoehorn these fantastic ideas into a form that is compatible with “proper” Battlestations. I have gone over everything here so all the mistakes are mine. My efforts to “fix” some things may have broken them instead.

If any of the missions really tickle your fancy, please thank my collaborator. I was merely a translator.

You can randomize Guest Missions with 2d6 reading the first die as the 10's digit and the second as a 1's digit. On a result of 66 reroll with +1 MD and a +1 Treasure item.

A Stitch in a Haystack Richard Garfield 11 218
Asteroid Armageddon1) Paul, Ann Dupuis 12 234
Automated Weapons Testing Depot Mike Stackpole 13 230
Between a Rock and a Hard Place Jason Little 14 243
Big Little Trouble Sean Garrity 15 210
Captain, I Shrank the Enemy! Norson Botrel 16 207
Casting Pods Tom Vasel 21 208
Cold Vacuum Darren Watts 22 224
Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Bar Fight Eric Lang, Kevin Wilson 23 220
The Fearsome Predations of Everett Dingo Jeff Tidball 24 240
Droned Out2) Kennet R Williams 25 235
DV8 from the Norm Dennis Lien 26 228
Extreme Mass Ratio Inspiral Neal Sofge 31 237
God of Peace Jonah Johnson 32 216
Growing Crisis Anne Dupuis 33 222
Homesick JR Honeycutt 34 211
Hostages Kirby Young 35 229
Imbalance of Terror3) Tim Gerritsen 36 229
Into the Void Mario Acuna 41 246
Lost Children4) James Ernest 42 225
Mission to the Heart of the Ambassador Bryan Daniels 43 215
Planet of the Trolls Ken St. Andre 44 227
Reflection Peter Vaughan 45 210
Rescue the Envoy Stephen V. Cole 46 223
Secret of the Ovoid Joey Vigour 63 244
Special Delivery Rick Loomis 51 212
Star Fortress5) Tony Rowe 52 236
Stationary Battlestations Station Bryce Whitacre 53 214
Supernova Jump6) Chris Williams 54 234
Tables Turned Paul Peterson 55 242
The Artifact Phil Eklund 56 226
The Mephisto Incident Dan Blanchett 61 232
The Planet Eater Markus Ploetz 62 238
Transcendence Matthew Eklund 64 231
Wrong Way Peter Adkison 65 213
1) , 2) , 3) , 4) , 5) , 6)
Solo Compatible
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