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Starship Registry

Each ship registry provides a benefit based on the hull configuration.

Beastman Built-in Boarding Plank. Ship can connect any external module to any other ship in the same hex. (see page 112)
Bot Each Life Support allows for an additional Bot.
Bubbloid Count remote penalties as 1 lower
Canosian Built in Shield Capacitor. If there is any power in Shields consider it one higher for purposes of attacks or Teleports in and one lower for Teleporting out
Diploid Ship can fire multi-cannons and operate Teleporters and Mine Layers twice in a Phase (still a maximum of 6 times in a Round)
Fireling All modules and Cargo Bay Items are immune to fire. All modules catch fire at the start of every Phase
Fungaloid Built-in Telechute. Connect any two squares on the ship (see page 116)
Human Reduce the difficulty of all maneuvers by 1
Kerbite The difficulty to pump Engines for power (page 127) is one lower
Otyssian Difficulty is +2 per additional speed to lose instead of +3 for advanced deceleration maneuvers
Silicoid Built-in Hull Stabilizer. The ship may reroll the lowest die in each failed Hull Check
Tentac The ship ignores facing restrictions for modules and has 360 arc of fire for all modules
Trundlian If there is any power in Guns, consider it one power higher
Vomeg Built-in Targeting Computer. Treat all objects as one hex closer for targeting
Whistler You may pump Engines or transfer power from any battlestation at no remote penalty
Xeloxian Built-in Inertial Dampener. The ship reduces OOC by 2 at the end of each Phase instead of 1
Zoallan Built in Missile Enhancement Device. Missiles are 1 faster and reduce difficulty of attack and survival checks by 1
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