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Cloaking Device

(requires external facing)

Sometimes it can be advantageous to be harder to target or even disappear entirely.

The Cloaking Device is built for those occasions.


(Science vs. Ship Size) You may add +3 to the difficulty for each additional level of cloaking you wish to attempt.

This raises the ship's Cloak level by 1 and places a Used marker on the Cloaking Device. The Cloaking Device is at a penalty of +3 difficulty for each Used marker. It does not require power. A ship can have a maximum cloak level of 5. Track the Cloak level with a Used marker on the Speed track of the Ship Control Card.

Cloaking Level

Each cloaking level of a ship provides a +1 difficulty to any attempt to target that ship (including but not limited to: direct ship's weapons fire, missile attack rolls, fighter or drone attacks, scans, teleporting, cloak penetration, etc.).

The cloaking level drops by one at the end of each Round. It also drops by one if the Cloaking Device is hit, or drops completely if the Cloaking Device is damaged.

The cloaking level is reduced to zero whenever the ship takes any action that targets something or puts something into space.

The cloaking level can be raised. The cloak can be re-engaged any number of times in a Phase or Round.

Cloak Penetration

(can also be done from the Science Bay)

(Science vs. distance to cloaked ship. May add +3 per additional level of cloaking you wish to lower.)

Success lowers the target's cloaking level by one. Note that you must target the correct hex to have any effect on it.

Running Silent

If the ship's OOC and each of its power levels is at or below the cloaking level, the ship is running silent. The Enemy will remove silent enemy ships from the map and track them in secret. With any attempt to target a cloaked ship, you must guess the correct hex they are in if they are running silent.

Any hit to a silent ship gives away the location but does not reduce the cloaking level unless it strikes the Cloaking Device.

The heroes will be well advised to use their Science Bays to consult the computer. Due to the fact that the cloaked objects still have mass, the Hyperdrive is available to be used to “Ping” for distance or facing.

Silent Heroes' Ships

Enemy ships will not search for cloaked heroes in the same way. If they need to guess (there has been ship movement since the last sighting) roll a die to see if they guess the correct hex. On a result of 5, or 6, they have guessed correctly. On a result of 1, 2, 3, or 4, they have missed their guess by one hex in the direction most favorable to the heroes.

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