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Sick Bay

A Sick Bay is an amazing piece of equipment. It can do anything a MedKit can do and more. It can heal the wounded, diagnose disease and even bring back the dying.

The Sick Bay does not acquire Used markers. It must be operated from a battlestation (or remotely at +3 difficulty) but the targets to be treated may be anywhere inside the Sick Bay.


(Science vs. 8 )

Neutralize all drugs and toxins in the patient's system.


(Science check vs. 0, +3 to the difficulty per additional question)

The Sick Bay can be used to ask Yes or Not questions just like the Science Bay, but only about objects within the Sick Bay.


(Science vs. 8, +3 per additional die)

The target must be anywhere in the Sick Bay to be healed. Heal the target for 1 die of wounds. This is healing just like with a MedKit, so healing abilities such as “Healer”, “Fast Healer” and the Autonurse cyberware will apply their benefits.

Revive the Dying

(Science vs. amount by which damage exceeds hit points)

Success brings the target to -5 hit points. This is not the same as healing, so healing abilities such as “Healer” and “Fast Healer” and the Autonurse cyberware will not apply their benefits, but “Doctor” and “Field Surgeon” will.

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