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Create Characters

Each player plays a single character on the starship. If your Life Support allows more crew than you have players, you’ll fill the extra spots with bots. Having your own character puts you into the action in a more visceral way.

Your character will have several characteristics to differentiate you from other characters:

Species, Profession, Skill Set, Equipment

To build a character, you will need to do the following:

  1. Start at Rank 1
  2. Pick a species
  3. Select a profession
  4. Assign skill numbers
  5. Select a starting Special Ability
  6. Calculate Hit Points
  7. Get starting Equipment

Rank reflects your character’s pull with the brass as well as calm under fire. Characters start at Rank 1 and spend prestige to rank up after missions (see character advancement page 149).

Each rank adds 1 to your Hit Points and Luck as well as giving you a Special Ability.

Rank also adds to your check when requisitioning shiny new equipment after a mission and figures into some special abilities such as “Calm” or “Smooth”.

1 Ensign 6 1
2 Lt. Jr. Grade 7 2
3 Lieutenant 8 3
4 Commander 9 4
5 Captain 10 5
6 Major 11 6
7 Colonel 12 7
8 Commodore 13 8
9 Admiral 14 9
10 Fleet Admiral 15 10
11 Commander in Chief 16 11
12 Senator of the Republic 17 12


As a hero, you get the special advantage of having fortune on your side. Nobody likes a story where the good guy dies in the first five minutes. Characters have a base of 5 Luck plus one for each Rank. So a starting character is Rank 1 with 6 Luck.

The judicious use of Luck can mitigate what would otherwise be catastrophic results. Spend one Luck to reroll a die in the following circumstances:

Damage dealt to you Damage you deal or damage dealt to your ship
Survival checks for a ship or fighter you are on (that are failing). Survival checks that are successful.
Survival checks for a ship you aren’t on.
Your Skill Checks Enemy Skill Checks
Other things as specified by mission, equipment or special ability. Anything not specified as luckable.
Hit allocation for Cannons and Teleporters Hit allocation for missiles, mines, and rams
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