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Historical Registry of Legendary Ships

The Starships Rank abilities are numbered in order to match the MD. If the heroes are using a legendary ship, it won't have the legendary captain, but you will have the ship's Rank abilities up to MD. Thus, with MD of 5, the ships will have starship Rank abilities 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Note: If you are using one of these ships for an Enemy crew, you must discard a number of Plot Twists equal to the ship Rank (BSA 144).

Bifurcation Canosian, UREF (Captain KK) The Bifurcation fired the opening salvo in the Galactic Civil War. Captain KK sent out his announcement to declare hostilities at light speed just before firing the cannons. The cannon blasts arrived first. 1. Unsinkable
2. Slippery
3. Stealth
4. Sentient
5. Rammer
6. Regenerative Hull
7. Padded
8. Ablative Armor
9. Hostile Life Support
Rideality Human, Rebel (Captain Jamie Spencer) This ship has the distinction of having destroyed the starbase in orbit of Capitola during the Galactic Civil War. It was also destroyed in the effort, but the Black Box was useful in reconstructing the vessel. 1. Rapid Transit
2. Black Box
3. Tactical Inhibitors
4. Anti-Intruder Airlocks
5. Coordinated Battlestations
6. Deep Thinking
7. Quiet
8. Medical
9. Battle-Hardened1)
Nexus Silicoid, Pirate (Acting Captain Utersection) Captured the Tentac home world for a day. Any who destroy this ship will earn a share of 5,000cr for the bounty on it placed by the otherwise peaceful Tentac government. 1. Prepped
2. Coordinated Battlestations2)
3. Empowered
4. Safety Netting
5. Pod Ready
6. Menacing
7. Landing Gear
8. Motorized Cargo Ramp
9. Waggling
Not Unnegated Tentac, Bounty Hunter (Captain KillJoy) Former member of Tentac fleet and of Plebber's Pirates. Doesn't hunt them and isn't hunted by them. 1. Impenetrable
2. Power Capacitor
3. Encouraging
4. Unsinkable
5. Directed
6. Rebooting
7. Ferocious
8. Prepped
9. Anti-Missile Defense
Executioner Xeloxian, Xeloxian Fleet (Rear Admiral Xeke) Responsible for the massacre at the Whistler home world. 1. Hostile Life Support
2. Medical
3. Waggling
4. Anti-Missile Defense
5. Ablative Armor
6. Quiet
7. Motorized Cargo Ramp
8. Safety Netting
9. Padded
Boundless Zoallan, Consort Fleet (Commodore Gnr Gnr) This was the flagship of the Zoallan navy. Admiral Wcnvnthi personally took command of it during the Xeloxian war. Later Commodore Gnr Gnr used it in his unsuccessful bid to quash the Egg Sac incident. 1. Prepped
2. Landing Gear
3. Ferocious
4. Regenerative Hull
5. Battle-Hardened
6. Menacing
7. Rebooting
8. Rammer
9. Deep Thinking
1) , 2)
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