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Powered Armor

This energized exoskeleton is equipped with extra shielding and weaponry to provide both offensive and defensive capabilities. It requires an entire Cargo Bay item slot to house the charging and supply station for a single suit of powered armor and an entire Phase to strap yourself into it.


All actions other than personal combat and Piloting skill checks to use the built-in JetPack are at a penalty of +3 difficulty.

Any attempt to heal or administer medical attention to a character in powered armor is at a penalty of +3 difficulty.

Characters in unpowered powered armor have their move reduced to 1.

Donning Powered Armor

A character can strap on an empty suit of powered armor at the battlestation of the Cargo Bay where the armor is housed as an action. You may not take a move action during a Phase when you get into or out of powered armor. If the powered armor is later vacated it can be donned and powered up wherever it is.

Power Up

(Engineering vs. 11)

Powered armor provides no benefits until powered up. In fact, it provides all of the penalites while in unpowered powered armor. It requires an Engineering check of 11 to power up. This action may be taken by the operator or any adjacent character. The operator will be at the standard penalty of +3 for being in powered armor when taking the action to power up.

Stepping Out

You may not exit powered armor as long as it is powered up. It is an automatic action to power down a suit you are wearing. Anybody else must succeed at a Grapple and then make an Engineering check of 11 to power down a suit from the outside as a “take” grapple effect. This Engineering attempt will be considered in a “slagged” square. To exit a powered down suit you must spend an action. You end up in the same square. You may not take a move action in a Phase when you enter or exit powered armor.

Defensive Benefit

Powered armor provides Damage Reduction of halving damage after taking into account other damage mitigation (alien abilities, armor, drugs, etc.). Round the damage up.

A human in armor and powered armor that would suffer 7 points of damage reduces it by one for his armor, and then halves the remaining 6 to get 3 points of damage. A Canosian suffering that same 7 damage in powered armor would end up taking 4 points of damage while a Zoallan would reduce the 7 to 5 for caparace and then halve the result (rounding up) to 3 points.

Offensive Benefits

Reduce difficulty of all personal Combat checks by 1.


You must have a hand free to use the built-ins or you will do so at the standard full hands penalty of +3 difficulty.

Built-in Rocket Launcher

The rocket launcher has 3 rockets ready to go. As an action, you can fire a rocket into any square in Line of Sight by making a Combat skill check against half the distance. If you fail this check, the rocket falls short by a number of squares equal to the amount your check failed.

As soon as the rocket reaches its target square it detonates like a satchel charge (see page 91).

The UREF will replenish used rockets at the end of the campaign turn.

Built-in Heavy Weapon

This is usually a Heavy Blaster built it could be any heavy weapon. It does not require actions to mount. It can be fired as if it were a simple ranged weapon. Unlike the floor mounted heavy weapons on page 86, this does not provide cover or gain the benefit of a bipod.

Built-in Vibraknife

A sharp elbow of the powered armor acts as a Vibraknife melee weapon (see page 89).


While in powered armor, you may carry one heavy object or up to 100 additional mass of objects before you are overburdened. Equipment may be slung on the powered armor or on your person.


Powered armor has a built-in JetPack. The operator may ignore the powered armor penalties to their Piloting skill for purposes of using the built-in JetPack.


A character may use the powered armor's built-in weapons (one vibraknife, one heavy weapon, 3 rockets) as long as they have a hand free. You may take quickdraw actions (page 37) at no powered armor penalty. You may also use weapons in your hands as normal.

Targeting Powered Armor

The target number for a character in powered armor is reduced by 3 for all purposes except needlers. In that case, the number goes up by 3. People targeting the powered armor bearer may choose to target the armor itself against a target number of 11 like shooting any personal equipment. If successful, roll damage. Each dice result of 6 puts a Broken marker on the powered armor and causes it to make a survival check (luckable) of 7 + the number of Broken markers. Failure destroys the powered armor. The good news is you didn't have to spend an action getting out of it.

Area Effect vs. Powered Armor

Just like any other personal equipment, the powered armor is not subject to Area Effect damage as long as it is being operated. Empty powered armor is affected like anything else.

Broken Markers

Each Broken marker provides a penalty of +1 difficulty to all actions taken in the powered armor (including repairs).

Repair Powered Armor

(Engineering vs. 11, may add +3 for additional repairs)

Success allows you to remove a Broken marker from a suit of powered armor. For each +3 added to the difficulty, you may remove an additional Broken marker.


Each time a powered up suit is hit by an EMP effect, it must make a survival check against a difficulty of 7 + the number of Broken markers, or power down.

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