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Special Ability Index

All around marines
Best for shipboard marines
Best for boarding marines
Good for engineers and scientists
All around engineers
Best for shipboard engineers
Best for boarding engineers
All around scientists
Best for shipboard scientists
Best for boarding scientists
All around pilots
Best for starship pilots
Best for fighter pilots
Denotes a Psionic Ability
Acrobatic Pop 2 squares. Add OOC for movement. +3 target number when in motion. Enemies don't get free attack.
Adaptable Spend a Luck and an action to have another ability instead.
Adv. Combat Expert +1 target number, +1 Hit Point, opponents must reroll highest die in attacks against you.
Assembly Line Worker Each upgrade you make can be applied to three like objects.
Assistant May add +3 to the difficulty skill check for each additional bonus assisting.
Battle Frenzied Bonus action every Phase but may only melee, grapple or move. Must spend action to calm.
Blaze of Glory 1/Phase may force survival checks for all except your fighter in hex with your fighter.
Bloodlusted Bonus action when you put someone down. +1 difficulty penalty on action per use.
Bosun Remote penalty 1 lower. Reroll pool of 5 for battlestation actions.
Bot Genius 2 bonus bot upgrades. Reroll die when attacking, grappling, upgrading, repairing or damaging bots.
Braced May reroll one die any time you sustain damage.
Brutal You may reroll one of the dice each time you deal personal damage with a direct attack.
Calm May take an “8” on a skill check instead of (and before) rolling the dice. Pool of Rank x 2.
Cannon Expert Free reroll to attack with, repair, or reconfigure Cannon. Reconfigure Cannon as a free, automatic action.
Cannon Specialist Pool to reroll attacks, reconfigure, or repair a Cannon module. Pool of Combat x 2.
Charger Free unarmed (or natural weapon) melee attack at the end of your move action.
Coach You may use Diplomacy instead of the listed skill for your Assist actions.
Connected You get an additional requisition and double your pay for each mission.
Contortionist Move and act in slagged squares as though not slagged. +1 target number except for grappling.
Cortex Overloader Pool to blow up people's heads psionically. Pool of Combat + Psionics.
Courtier Move and act in slagged squares as though not slagged. Others may spend your Luck.
Crafty Checkup, Focus Sensors, Tune Shields. Pool of Science.
Cutthroat Spend from this pool to reroll a damage die you deal directly in personal combat. Pool of Science x 2.
Death Marcher +3 Hit Points. May take simple movement actions when unconscious. “Recover” immediately.
Death Striker Unarmed / natural weapon attacks force target to Athletics check of 8 or be brought instantly to -6 Hit Points.
Dervish As an action, melee attack on all adjacent targets.
Destroyer Free action to release a Psionic energy blast like a satchel charge in your square. Pool of Athletics + Psionics.
Dirty Fighter Targets you hit are +3 on all active skill check difficulty. Coup de grace without preparing.
Displaced Psionically shimmer to add +3 to your target number until end of Phase. Pool of Athletics + Psionics.
Doctor Pool to reroll skill checks to heal, detoxify, etc. or on the healing dice. Pool of Science x 2.
Dogfighter Add Piloting to Combat when shooting fighter's gun. +1 difficulty to target your fighter. -1 difficulty survival check.
Empowered Spend ship's power as though it were Luck. Reallocate power. Pool of Engineering + Psionics.
EMT Pre-emptively heal incoming damage. Pool of Combat x 2.
Energy Deflector Combat 11 to negate direct attack. Difficulty goes up by 1 for each use.
Engine Overloader Pool to make Engine pump + 2 per extra power but satchel charge detonates. Pool of Engineering x 2.
Engine Specialist Pool of rerolls to use when pumping, transferring power, or repairing an Engine. Pool of Engineering x 2.
Enraged +3 Combat skill until end of Round when injured by an enemy.
Fast Healer Any skill check to heal or treat you is at a bonus of +3 to the skill check. Heal +1 point per die.
Fast Learner Increase your experience awards by 10%. Perform all four skills to get a bonus.
Fated Choose the result of the first and last points of Luck instead of rerolling.
Field Surgeon Reduce healing difficulty by 3 and get a reroll but target must make an Athletics check of 8 or dies.
Fighter Jock Board, launch and disembark from fighter as a free action. Reroll survival checks in microships.
Fighter Mechanic 2 free upgrade actions on fighters and a reroll when repairing, upgrading, or survival in a fighter.
Fire Starter Start fires with your mind. Pool of Combat + Psionics.
First Mate May let others spend your Luck as it it were their own. Reroll on all attempts to assist. +1 Luck.
Florentine Fighter Reduce your penalty to attack with two personal weapons by 3.
Foresighted Start retroactively on overwatch. You can go generically on overwatch.
Forethinker Roll your skill check before declaring your action.
Fortunate You may spend 1 Luck to nudge a luckable die upwards by one instead of rerolling.
Fume-Runner Take actions that require power without it (causing 1 point of hull damage).
Ghost in the Machine Operate a battlestation from anywhere aboard ship at no remote penalty. Pool of Engineering + Psionics.
Grease Monkey Reroll on any skill check to repair, reconfigure or upgrade. Move between battlestations.
Grenadier Rerolls with grenades. Free action to arm, draw or detonate. Explosives weigh half for you.
Gunner's Mate Fighter's guns can be fired 2/Phase. Damages your fighter and the occupants.
Hacker Hack as a free action 1/Phase with difficulty -3 and a reroll. Your cyberware behaves as upgraded.
Hardened Pool to reroll a die that deals damage to you. Pool of 5.
Healer Whenever you heal anybody for at least one die, heal them for an additional die.
Hot Dog Doubles succeeds on your Piloting checks but cause OOC as if it had failed.
Hull Stress Empath You may suffer to reroll hull damage dice your ship is taking. Pool of Engineering + Psionics.
Hunch Follower +2 Luck and reduce the difficulty to use the Science Bay by 1 for each time you've asked questions.
Hyper-Do UV Belt Reroll unarmed attacks, damage, grappling checks. Move into enemy squares with no penalty.
Hyper-Physicist Pool to reroll when using the Hyperdrive and facing on warp in. Pool of Science x 2.
Intuitive Add Psionics skill to scan or ask questions. Pool to ask yes/no or enemy's actions. Pool of Science + Psionics.
Jack of All Trades You get two rerolls per campaign turn in each skill.
JetPack Jockey You get a reroll on your JetPack Piloting skill checks and reduce the difficulty by 3.
Jury Rigger Once per Phase, you may take a free action to attempt to repair the module you are in.
Killer Instinct +1 difficulty on passive checks you cause. No prepare before coup de grace. May spend Luck on damage.
Lucky Add +3 to your Luck.
Mechanical Empath Repair remotely as a free action. Pool of Engineering + Psionics.
Mentally Shielded Retard personal energy damage. Pool of Athletics + Psionics.
Mind Mender Absorb others damage onto yourself. Pool of Athletics + Psionics.
Miracle Worker Choose a die roll instead of rolling it once per campaign turn. Also +1 Luck.
Mobile +2 Move. Ignore OOC for movement. Reroll on any attempt to move extra squares.
Mr. Fixit Pool to reroll repairs and upgrades or repair as a free action. Pool of Engineering + Science.
Multi-Shot Expert Fire multibarrel twice as a single action. Reconfigure Cannons as an automatic action.
Nimble Take bonus actions at +3 difficulty max once per Phase. Pool of Athletics.
Noble You get an allowance. Use others' Luck. Difficulty to assist you is 1 easier and 1 more effective.
Numb Runner Ignore toxins and drug side effects. Dose as a free action. Your toxins hard to resist. Pool of Athletics + Rank.
Obsessive Spending a second or subsequent Luck on a reroll gives you 3 rerolls each instead of 1.
Omniscient Pool to ask ANY question. Add Psionics when hacking or gathering data. Pool of Science + Psionics.
Overloader Pool to fire with bonus guns power but satchel charge in your square. Pool of Engineering x 2.
Pack Mule Double carry capacity. -3 difficulty and reroll to quickdraw. Reduce penalty to act after quickdrawing by 1.
Patient Preparing reduces difficulty by 3. May convert prepare to overwatch. Moving doesn't disrupt prepare.
Persevering When you fail skill checks, reduce difficulty by 3 and get a reroll on your next action if it uses that skill.
Plasma Wizard Fire weapons aren't dangerous to you. You may reroll skill checks and damage with fire weapons.
Polarizer Pool to EMP or de-EMP objects in line of sight. Pool of Science + Psionics.
Power Slider You may combine different kinds of Helm maneuvers.
Powered Armor Expert Reduce PA penalties by 1. Add +1 Piloting for jetting. May move in Phase you equip. Power up automatic.
Preconceived Spend 2 Luck to select the result of a die that you would luck instead of rolling the die. (Special pool.)
Prestidigitator Extradimensional pockets. Reduced quickdraw penalties. Add Psionics for quickdraw checks.
Psychic Blaster Pool to deal 1d6 + successes as damage ignoring damage reduction. Pool of Combat + Psionics.
Psychic Shifter Pool to move yourself to another module with your mind. Pool of Piloting + Psionics.
Psychic Stunner Pool to add a stun effect to a direct attack. Pool of Athletics + Psionics.
Puppeteer Pool to select target's next action. Pool of Diplomacy + Psionics.
Quartermaster Assist in upgrades and requisitions. Don't pay for upgrades. Repair personal equipment as automatic action.
Quick on the Stick Shooting the fighter's cannon is a free action for you. (It still uses the fighter's cannon for the Phase.)
Quick-Minded Spend 2 from a Psionic Ability pool to perform that Psionic action as a free action.
Reckless Add 1 die of damage to a personal attack 1/Phase but suffer the lowest die without reduction if it is odd.
Reflexive You may dodge or ram once per Phase during ship movement or missile resolution as a free action.
Research Specialist Count half Used markers on Science Bay. Pool to reroll any use of the Science Bay. Science x 2.
Resourceful Substitute Science or Engineering for any other skill. Pool of Engineering or Science (whichever is lower).
Rolls With It Pool to count OOC as a bonus instead of a penalty to your action or move. Pool of Piloting.
Saboteur Free action to attempt to break something. Reroll all dice you would deal to equipment.
Seer Line of sight to anywhere aboard the ship or get scans as a free action. Pool of Science + Psionics.
Sharpshooter Reroll allocation with ship's weapons or attacks with direct personal ranged attacks. Pool of Combat x 2.
Shield Harmonizer Target's shields become 1 lower, yours are 1 higher.
Shock Trooper You may go on overwatch as a free action at the end of your move action. Pool of Combat x 2.
Slipster Move through walls during movement. Pool of Athletics + Psionics.
Smooth Take actions that don't require skill check or include movement. Pool of Athletics + Rank.
Smuggler Move and act in slagged square at no penalty. Free reroll to use Cargo Bay equipment.
Sniper Count range as closer. Reroll damage die if attack exceeded target by 3.
Spacelegs Ignore OOC.
Spacer 5 rerolls for use in any skill check. Pool of 5.
Speed Demon Reroll acceleration and fighter movement checks. Pool of Piloting x 2.
Steady Handed Maneuvers always generate half OOC (round up). Steady the ship as an automatic action.
Stunner Unarmed and natural weapon attacks generate a stun effect.
Sure Handed Ignore the “dangerous” effects. Reroll the damage die vs. friendlies, quickdraw, repair. +1 Luck.
Swashbuckler You may take your actions during your move. Pop without penalty.
Sympathetic Your attacker also suffers the highest die of damage. Pool of Athletics + Psionics.
Tailgunner Reroll Combat checks when firing a fighter's gun. Go on overwatch with fighter. Pool of Combat + Piloting.
Telekinetic Pool to move stuff with your mind. Pool of Athletics + Psionics.
Teleporter Specialist Count half Used markers on Teleporter. Reroll pool for skill checks, allocation. Pool of Science x 2.
Tinkerer Additional upgrade attempt. Reroll on all upgrade or repair attempts.
Tough Athletics counts as 1 higher and free reroll on any Athletics check.
Tough Silicoid +1 Hit Point. When you roll your Silicoid damage reduction, roll an extra die and count the higher one.
Trampler Free melee attack as you move through enemies.
Triage Medic Heal additional targets at +1 difficulty each.
Trick Shot Ignore peeking, popping, OOC, shields, cover for ranged attacks. Bank shots around corners.
Tricky Pool to distract microships with trash, focus sensors, or steady ship. Pool of Engineering.
Turn Specialist Pool to reroll maneuvers to turn, dodge, ram, or sideslip. Pool of Piloting x 2.
Unconventional Pool to roll an additional die alongside your skill check. Odd it adds. Even it subtracts. Pool of Science.
Unflappable Pool to ignore a total of up to +3 in penalties each time you use this ability. Pool of Rank.
Uniminded You may use an ally's skill instead of your own as long as that ally is within line of sight. Pool of 5.
Unlimited Once per campaign turn, you may reset up to two of your special abilities to their starting values.
Unpredictable Random skill each Phase gives you -1 difficulty with a free reroll.
Unsinkable Pool to reroll passive checks such as ship's hull check, disintegration, stun, death, etc. Pool of 10.
Wake Rider Explosions move your microship instead of damaging it. Also may move along with a ship or fighter.
Weapons Officer Reroll hit allocation and damage die in each shot you take with a fighter or Cannon.
Wild Flyer Spend a Helm power, reroll a die, and apply an additional OOC (that takes effect after the maneuver).
Wingman Reduce difficulty for survival checks or shots by friendlies.
Wrestler Choose to apply up to three different effects. Also a pool of rerolls to use in grapples. Pool of Athletics x 2.
Xenobiologist Your direct attacks ignore alien damage reduction abilities.
Zone Controller All adjacent squares are considered occupied by you (slagged) for enemies.
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