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Interstellar Movement

During most Battlestations games, you won’t have to worry about movement on the galactic map. These rules are included here for clarity.

To make any jump on the galactic map costs an amount of days equal to 1 die plus 1 additional die per hex distance. Add an additional die if the jump is to a hex that doesn’t have a listed system in it because the well traveled routes are easier to plot.

This time cost can be mitigated by Jump actions. The ship may take a maximum total of 3 Jump actions per jump: One piloting in the Helm, one Science in the Hyperdrive, and one Engineering in an Engine. These actions may be assisted as per normal assist rules.

Jump Action

(Skill check vs 2x Ship Size)

Each success gives a mitigation die. Note that succeeding just barely gives no benefit.

Roll and add the mitigation dice to the time dice then take away the number of mitigation dice you threw. This works to reduce the time you need for a jump exactly the way shields work to retard incoming damage.

Dice cannot be reduced below 1 so the minimum time a trip could take between two known stars is the hex distance in days plus 1 day.


The crew of a size 3 ship is making a 7 hex jump to a known location so they roll 8 dice for time. For a result (ordered for clarity) of:


The engineer bot uses an Engine battlestation and rolls a total of 9 after applying his bonuses including skill, an assist, and an upgraded Engine.

This is 3 over the target number of 6 for a size 3 ship so the ship gets 3 mitigation dice (1,2,5) and applies them to the total to now look like this:

1,1,1,2,2,2,4,4 (discarding the 5,5, and 6 because you only keep 8 dice in a 7 hex journey)

The pilot rolls a total of 14 which is 8 over the target of 6 so he rolls 8 dice getting:


This filters into the current jump total to make it look like this:


The Scientist rolls a total of 12 in the Hyperdrive. The six success dice look like:


The lowest die in the jump is already a 2 so the Scientist has no effect on the time. The trip takes a total of 12 days.

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