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Ranged Weapons

These are weapons you use to apply effects (usually damage) to an enemy or module that might be next to you or some distance away. Unless otherwise specified, you must have Line of Sight to your target (see page 38).

Range Bands

The difficulty to use a ranged weapon assumes the target is within the range band for the weapon. The range band for an unmodified weapon is 5 squares. Butts and scopes modify this number.

For each additional range band (or fraction thereof) you are away from the target add one to the difficulty of your skill check. You can add a butt to any ranged weapon to increase its range band to 10 and use as a melee weapon (page 88).


Adding a scope to any ranged weapon allows you to consider the distance to target as half as far. Upgraded scopes divide range by 3. This benefit is cumulative with a butt.


🚫 Weapons with this symbol will not have a chance to cause damage to the module if they miss their target.


☠ Weapons with this symbol are dangerous and harm the user if doubles are thrown in the skill check to use or quickdraw them.
Arc Laser ☠ 600 7 y 10 1d6 damage (ignore Damage Reduction). Area Effect (indirect)
Blaster 250 4 y 8 2d6-1 damage
Disintegrator 550 9 y 10 1d6 damage and Athletics check of 8 or disintegrate
EMP Pistol 🚫 300 5 y 8 EMPs a target
Flyntlock 25 2 n - 2d6 damage (breaks itself after each use)
Froster 🚫 100 3 y 7 Combat vs 8 to frost target square and each adjacent square
Ion Bore 450 9 y 11 Raises ionization level. 1d6 per ionization level (max 4d6)
Laser Monocle 200 1 y 10 1 pt damage, doesn't require a hand. Ignores Damage Reduction
Laser 300 5 y 9 1d6 +1 Ignores damage reduction. -1 difficulty skill check to use
Micro Blaster 150 2 y 8 1d6 +1 point. -3 difficulty to quickdraw, +1 difficulty to shoot with if quickdrawn
Needler 🚫 300 4 n 9 Deals 1 point of damage and delivers toxin. Damage reduction applies to target #
Nerve Disruptor 300 5 y 9 2d6-4. If any damage gets through target drops everything in hands
Particle Gun 800 5 y 11 1d6 + successes damage (max 5). Roll 1d6 when shot. “6” breaks module shooting from
Plasma Bolt ☠ 950 8 y 12 Combat vs. 11, 1d6 fire target square and each adjacent
Plasma Pistol ☠ 300 6 y 9 1d6 Fire damage
Plasma Projector ☠ 1100 12 y 12 1d6 fire Area of Effect
Rocket Pistol ☠ 500 2 n* 13 Launches Grenades. Target # = ½ distance +3. Requires load action. *Loaded grenades might be energized
Slug Machine Gun ☠ 750 15 n 12 Slug gun area of effect. Counts as slug pistol
Slug Pistol 150 5 n 8 Select one type of ammo when you target
Sonic Beam ☠ 🚫 400 4 y 8 Indirect, Area of Effect, 1d6 damage, Ignore DR
Stun Gun 🚫 200 3 y 8 Athletics check of 11 or stunned for difference
Voltrex ☠ 675 10 y 13 1d6, up to 4 targets, +1 difficulty per # of targets
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