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Fantastic items can make or break your campaign. If there isn’t enough of the amazing, things look a little mundane. Too much whimsy, though will make it goofy or have characters overburdened or overpowered. Please put a little thought into adding the possibility of a treasure item to each mission. Treasure is more appreciated if the acquisition process includes having to fight a foe that is using it against you. Hard won rewards are all the sweeter.

Sure, a doubly upgraded blaster is nifty but a blaster that shoots around corners or is sentient and climbs into your hand when danger is near is cooler. I often say that if this weren’t my game, I’d really make it my own. By this I mean that because I test and run the official rules, I don’t get the chance to go off the rails. You do. Go ahead and make unbalanced treasure items. If it doesn’t work out, you can have HQ confiscate it for research purposes or enemies will seek it out because of its famous power. Try to give out a doubly upgraded skill chip or something as compensation if you pull this, though.

Having said all of that about making it special and not just rolling on a chart, here’s a series of charts. Think of it as a suggestion or a stepping off point for creating the treasure that will make your campaign unique.

Treasure Chart

Roll 3d6 (reading each die as a separate digit) and consult the charts. For some of the items, you’ll have to roll on a further chart to find which item you’ll be creating.

For example, if you roll a 3,4,2, you’d go to chart 3, item 42 which is “Ignores Defenses”. This indicates it is a weapon that ignores defenses. Most of the time you’ll just designate one of the enemies as having one of their weapons with this effect as rolled on the enemy equipment chart on page 161.

If in this example you determined the weapon is a laser (which ignores defenses anyhow) you might select something else or do something super cool such as having defenses actually count against the defender so a Silicoid suffers an additional d6 or an armored character suffers an additional point etc.

The point here is to make the treasure exciting rather than pedestrian.

When an enemy is using the item make sure to play up the flavor of it. Note that it is fancier than the other enemies’ weapons. It might be of a different material or have more or fewer fiddly features on it. Please make treasure special.

  • 111 - 266 Module
  • 311 - 366 Personal Equipment
  • 411 - 466 Special Personal Equipment
  • 511 - 566 Cargo Bay Items
  • 611 - 666 Other


Here are some examples of some treasure items I’m creating on the fly for my next game session.

I’m testing Dirtside right now with my home playtest group.

I rolled a 463 for a Stun gun that each time it hits somebody, their check difficulty goes up by one. I’m going to say this increase happens before the first check so it is at least “+1”.

I also rolled a 464. I’m not even going to look at the chart. It is probably another personal weapon. It would be boring to have two items so similar show up as treasure. I’m rerolling. As the Enemy, I can do that.

I rolled 2 more “4” results (and rerolled) before rolling a 532 which is an autopilot with a skill of 5. I’m going to name the autopilot “Kal” and it will speak in a slow voice and be my avatar amongst the heroes. I’ll use it to give problem solving hints and for comic relief.

The first time it is ordered to do something, I’m going to say, “I’m sorry, Dave. I can’t do that…just kidding.”

I might also decide to make it automatically successful at Atmospheric maneuvers just to make it cooler (and to encourage my players to bring it along even though it gives me an excuse to be annoying).

111 WildCard Module that can be reconfigured with an Engineering check of 11 into any other module. Characters in it move to the closest spot in the new module
112 Pick 'em Select anything in the modules section of the chart (1 and 2)
113 Cannon, Switcher Reconfigures as a free action
114 Cannon, Uber Add the lower of Helm or Shields to your Guns1) power for shots with this Cannon
115 Cannon, Deadeye Any result of doubles on the skill check to fire the Cannon automatically hits (if a 12 would have hit, of course)
116 Cannon, Sleeper When this Cannon hits, it also generates Stun effect as if the ship had a Stun Generator Cargo Bay item2)
121 Cannon, Wipeout When this Cannon hits, anyone in the target ship suffers 1d6 of damage and must pass an Athletics check of 8 or be disintegrated3)
122 Cannon, Punisher When this Cannon hits, it also generates an additional point of hull damage
123 Cannon, Rock'em When this Cannon hits, it also generates an additional OOC
124 Cannon, Smart You may spend Guns power as luck to reroll attack and allocation rolls with this Cannon
125 Cargo Bay, Tough Anything installed in this Cargo Bay gets to reroll any die that would damage it
126 Cargo Bay Hangar Launching Fighters is a free automatic action in this dedicated Hangar. It has a built in launcher and holds up to 4 Fighters. It cannot hold anything other than Fighters
131 Cargo Bay, High Capacity Holds 6 Cargo Bay items as long as none of them require a skill check
132 Cargo Bay, Conveyer Moving through this Cargo Bay costs only 1 square of movement
133 Cargo Bay, Smuggler Holds an extra Cargo bay item that is hidden
134 Cloaking Device, Sneaker The Cloaking level only drops by 1 each time the ship would break cloak instead of breaking cloak entirely
135 Cloaking Device, Teflon Does not get used markers
136 Engine, Sentient Automatically transfers 1 power at round end as a free action by any at a battlestation
141 Engine, Bussard Ramjet Add ship speed to any skill check to pump this Engine
142 Engine, Nimble Using the “Transfer Power” action in this Engine is a free action (not remote)
143 Engine, Master You may pump any Engine on the ship from this Engine at no remote penalty
144 Engine, Shielded While functional, power from other systems is automatically temporarily diverted to shields whenever the ship is hit and then transferred back (after losing 1 Shields power)
145 Helm, Steady Ship generates half OOC (rounding up)
146 Helm, Generator Any time the ship decelerates it generates a point of Shields power and it does not cost Helm power
151 Helm, Directed One character at a Helm battlestation may make a free facing change at the end of each Round (one hex facing). This does not cost power or an action but does generate 1 OOC
152 Helm, Perpetual Motion The ship does not reduce Speed at the end of each Round
153 Hyperdrive, Energized Add Shields power to any skill check to use the Hyperdrive
154 Hyperdrive, Accurate When warping in, you select a facing
155 Hyperdrive, High Performance Ship needs one fewer Program markers
156 Life Support, Recycling Each Life Support on the ship (including this one) supports one extra crew in addition to any upgrades
161 Life Support, Empowered Everybody in this module adds any ship's power level to their Athletics for all purposes except hit points. Dying characters in this module automatically get and pass Athletics checks to prevent further unsupported damage
162 Mine Layer, Perpetual Doesn't get used markers
163 Mine Layer, Sneaky Launches cloaked mines without disrupting cloaking device
164 Mine Layer, Warp Driven Subtract ship Speed from difficulty to use this module
165 Missile Bay, Dual Action Launches 2 standard missiles (only) as a single action
166 Missile Bay, Multi Allows “multi-launch” +3 difficulty to launch an additional missile
211 Missile Bay, Failsafe Failure to launch does not detonate a missile in your square
212 Science Bay, Empowered Subtract Shields level from difficulty to use this module
213 Science Bay, TechLab Any attempt to upgrade at a battlestation in this module is successful
214 Science Bay, Versatile User can multi-use across functions (i.e. you can ask 2 questions and ECM a missile). Difficulty is as per hardest operation +3 per additional
215 Science Bay, BioLab Acts as a Sick Bay as well
216 Sick Bay, Trauma Center Damage healing checks (only) apply to all in the bay
221 Sick Bay, Remote Functions anywhere on ship at an added difficulty equal to the number of squares distant from the Sick Bay
222 Sick Bay, Cybernurse Built in Autonurse
223 Teleporter, Grand Entrance When you Teleport a person, you have the option to Teleport a bomb first that detonates right before the person arrives. This would cost a Guns power
224‑6 Gimballed* All in module ignore 2 OOC
231‑3 Redundant* This module functions even when broken
234‑6 Networked* This module can be used remotely with no remote penalty
241‑3 Efficient* Count used markers as +2 each instead of +3
244‑64) Enhanced* Count half used markers (round up)
251‑3 Sentient* Built in Artificial Intelligence (acts as if it has an Auto-whatever operating it, page 112)
254‑6 Shielded* Occupants suffer -1 pt per die from collateral damage
261‑3 Armored* This module breaks only on a “6”
264‑6 Any Roll twice on this chart to see the benefits of this module

*Roll on Random Module Chart below.

Random Module Chart

11‑13 Cannon 41‑43 Teleporter
14‑16 Cargo 44‑46 Hyperdrive
21‑23 Helm 51‑53 Science Bay
24‑26 Cloak 54‑56 Sick Bay
31‑33 Mine Layer 61‑63 Life Support
34‑36 Missile Bay 64‑66 Engine
311‑2 Ultralight Mass of only 1
313‑4 Prehensile Doesn't require a hand
315‑6 Empathic Puts itself into your hand
321‑2 Gyrostabilized Ignores OOC when you are using it
323‑4 Unbreakable Unbreakable
325 Psionic Add your Psionic skill to skill checks you use to operate this device
326 Bloodlusted You get a free action every time you put something down with this item as if you had the Bloodlusted ability from page 54. Device will attack you if you don't attack something during each round of combat if it is in your hand
331 Shielded Acts as a shield +1 to your target number
332 Heavy Shielded Acts as a shield +2 to your target number
333 Superheavy Shielded Acts as a shield +3 to your target number
334 Vampiric If you damage somebody with this device and are adjacent, you heal yourself for half the damage (round up)
335‑6 Magnum +1 damage
341‑2 Cutting Ignores defenses
343‑4 Teleoptic Add range increments instead of subtracting them. (Max +5)
345‑6 Double Barrelled Applies to 2 different adjacent targets
351‑2 Poisonous Apply Oucho as well to any hits done with this device
353‑4 EMP Also EMPs target
355‑6 Backlashing Generates an effect like firing a Sonic Beam (page 85) out the back when fired
361‑2 Double Tap Doubles lets you attack again with this weapon. (Max 1/phase)
363 Safe Not Dangerous
364 Multi Target suffers multiple effects Disintegrate, Stun, EMP, but firer suffers the effects (other than damage) as well UNLESS the attack roll is doubles
365 Dirty Dirty (see page 39)
366 Super Multiple effects (roll twice5) on this section of the chart)

*Roll on Enemy Equipment chart.

411 WristComp Gives you double the questions
412 Plasma Bolt Target put on fire unless the damage is “1”
413 Plasma Gun Target put on fire unless the damage is “1”
414 Stun Stick You may reroll one of target's Athletics check dice to resist the Stun effect
415 Stun Pistol +1 Athletic check difficulty
416 Plasma Projector Target put on fire unless the damage is “1”
421 Skill Chip Changeable as an automatic action to any skill
422 Skeletal Enhancement Doubles carry capacity instead of +10
423 Sentient ToolKit Puts itself away or in your hand as a free action
424 Rocket Pistol With built in counterblast effect giving bearer +3 distance vs effects of fired rocket grenades
425 Anti-Grav Bolt Has a mass of negative 5. Can be attached to any object
426 Mentor Chip Gain +20% experience instead of +10%
431 MedKit Can be used as a melee weapon dealing 2d6 damage
432 JetPack Allows 1 turn during 1 of your jet moves each phase
433 Heavy weapon (randomly determine type) Has mass of standard weapon
434 Grenade Roll for type. Corners do not block line of sight
435 Grenade Roll for type. Deals +1 damage per die
436 Rocket Pistol Self-loading. Ask it to load this phase and it will load at end of enemy actions
441 Voltrex You may make up to 5 shots
442 Flyntlock Deals 3 dice of damage
443 Cybercuffs Attempts to open cause Stun check vs 14 and 2 dice of damage to wearer
444 Arc Laser Double Area
445 Disintegrator Items remain behind after the target is dusted
446 Disintegrator Increase the difficulty of the Athletics check by 1 for the first shot and one more for each additional shot
451 Slug Mach Gun Double Area
452 Flyntlock Breaks after every other use
453 Flyntlock After shooting, becomes armed standard grenade that detonates at the end of your turn. (Drop and run)
454 Ion Bore Raise Ionization target’s level at end of Phase as long as they have any ionization level
455 Ion Bore Painted target glows. It is 3 easier to hit anybody who is ionized by this weapon
456 Ion Bore Maximum ionization level for people shot by this weapon is 1 higher
461 Sonic Beam Doesn't harm friendlies. You choose who in the area to affect
462 Laser Each time it is fired it generates a stun grenade effect for all in line of sight except shooter
463 Stun Gun Each time a target is subsequently hit their check difficulty goes up by 1
464 Needler Holds all toxins and drugs
465 Nerve Disruptor Target also must make Athletics check vs 11 or be stunned
466 Particle Gun Add a third die if success exceeds 6 (max 6 on that die)
511 Tractor Doesn't spend Guns power to use
512 Damage Control Has built-in Auto-Damage Control with a skill of 5. Can be used twice
513 Hull Stabilizer You can use ship's power to reroll hull check dice that fail
514 Telechute 3 spots instead of 2
515 Hull Stabilizer You may reroll one or both dice on failed hull checks (1 at a time)
516 Safety Chamber Doesn't take up a Cargo Bay slot
521 Rocket Booster Firer chooses how to apply dice
522‑36) Powered Armor Entering it and powering up are free and automatic actions
524 Megateleportometer Count teleporting distance as halved (round up)
525 L.S. Personal Supports 2 beings
526 Auxilliary Twin Fighters 1 seat each. Can't be upgraded. The pair together take up one Cargo Bay slot
531 Auto-Science Bay With a skill of 5
532 Auto-Pilot With a skill of 5
533 Auto-Missile Bay With a skill of 5
534 Auto-Mine Layer With a skill of 5
535 Auto-Engine With a skill of 5
536 Auto-Cloaking Device With a skill of 5
541 Auto-Cannon With a skill of 5
542 Atmospherics Your ship is effectively 3 sizes smaller in atmosphere
543 GenexTank You may select your species when at the battlestation here as an automatic action. This effect lasts until you are detoxed or the end of the campaign turn whichever comes first
544 Auto-Teleporter With a skill of 5
545 Boarding Plank Has a Range equal to ship's Guns power
546 Inertial Dampener Lower the OOC by 3 at the end of each Phase
551 Battery Holds 3 power
552 Cannon Enhancement (all) This device has a built-in Fusion Node, Strafing module, Stun Generator, EMP, Radium and Plasma Cannon enhancement upgrades. You choose which to put into effect each time you fire
553 Drone Generator Doesn't require a Launch Tube. Can convert Cargo Items into Drones as an automatic action and launch them once per phase. Used Batteries are great for this
554 Missile Enhancement Piercing As per Missile Enhancement Device (page 115) and your ship’s missiles penetrate one module deep into a target before detonating if you want. Decide after rolling hit allocation
555 Cannon Enhancement Disintegrator Anybody suffering collateral damage from your Cannon’s shots must make an Athletics check of 8 or turn to dust
556 Randomizer This item morphs itself each campaign turn into a different item on this chart
561‑6 Ultralight Random Cargo Bay item that is the size of a barrel and must be mounted somewhere in the Cargo Bay but does not take up a Cargo Bay slot
611 Blue Pill* 1 (drug) Does what any non-treasure drug does
612 Clone-Micro-updater 1 If this device survives a mission, your clone gets experience
613 Destabilizer Cargo Bay Item All items in system must reroll highest die in survival checks or hull checks (not disintegration or stun) while this is on
614 EMPlosion Grenade* 1 As per standard EMP grenade and energized objects broken this way have 50% chance of exploding like a 1d6 grenade (Luckable)
615 Extradimensional Handbag 5 Holds a barrel of stuff. There is no Life Support inside the barrel
616 Extradimensional Luggage Barrel Barrel that holds a cargo bay slot full of stuff. There is no Life Support inside the luggage
621 High Quality Numb* 1 You may keep doubles in a skill check instead of rerolling
622 Megatronic Helmet 2 Stops 1 die of damage but you also must make a stun check vs the cumulative damage stopped during this campaign turn
623 Nannite Grenade* 1 Ship it is detonated in suffers 1d6 of hull damage each Phase cumulative until it suffers a number of d6 equal to size in one Phase
624 Reversi-Juice* 1 (drug) The highest single die of any damage you take heals you instead while this drug is active. You suffer -1 on all skill checks
625 Saw Gun 11 (ranged weapon) Target suffers 2d6 damage and must make Athletics check against damage or suffer -1 to hands and move. Note that species with infinite hands are relatively unaffected by the loss of one hand but would still be affected by a loss of move
626 Shifty cloak 1 Adds +1 to your target number
631 Star Generator Cargo Bay Item Requires Science skill check of 11 to activate. At the end of the phase following activation, it generates a star destroying the ship and everything in the hex
632 Symbiote 1 This item suffers effect instead of the host. The host suffers 1 point of damage instead of being EMPed, ionized, or put on fire. If the host would fail a stun check, they suffer a point of damage instead. If the host would fail a disintegration check, the symbiote is destroyed
633 Tentac Corner Gun 10 Damage (2d6-3) energized. Requires 3 hands to use. Various knobs, slides and handles allow shooting around corners. Each corner adds +1 to difficulty
634 Alien Pill* 1 Roll on the random species table to see which kind. Taking this drug turns you into that kind of alien for the remainder of the campaign turn or until detoxed whichever comes first
635 Bot Fully Upgraded Bot
636 Clonesicles* Barrel Frozen clone left in any space aboard. If you die, the clone activates immediately (with 1d6 stun markers). The clone is immune to damage until it is activated. Characters that have a clone activate during a mission get no prestige bonus for dying and half experience for the mission
641 Disintegration Grenade* 1 Targets within LOS and within the same or adjacent modules must make an Athletics check of 8 or be turned to dust
642 Donor MedKit 7 When you heal with this object you may heal for an additional die which becomes damage to an adjacent target (including yourself or an enemy). Unwilling targets get a free Grapple check to avoid becoming donors
643 Epattcud* 1 Roll of ancient strips that repair anything as an automatic action (even destroyed personal equipment)
644 EVA Pill* 1 Provides 100 phases of EVA
645 Grav Sled 10 Sentient, has a move value of 4. Takes no action other than pickup or set down
646 Hyperg Barrels* Barrel You may empty this barrel into an Engine as an automatic action from an Engine Battlestation to add 1 power to each system
651 Jet Juice Drug* 1 While under the effects of this drug, you may take an additional action each phase and suffer 1 die of damage
652 Macroplastic Putty* 2 A ball of highly intelligent microbeings that live only to repair in their very short lives are held in stasis until activated. Treat it like an energy grenade in all respects except it doesn’t damage equipment or modules, only personnel. In fact, it repairs every broken object in L.O.S. It even unslags a module but will not restore destroyed personal equipment or Cargo Bay items
653 Mobile Battlestation 50 Can be installed anywhere on the ship and keyed to any Module during setup. There is no remote penalty to use the keyed module or the module it is installed in from the Mobile battlestation. Other modules may be used remotely from this battlestation
654 Personal Wormhole Generator 5 Having this device in hand allows you to Teleport anywhere on your ship as your move action
655‑67) Ruby Slippers 5 Mass of 5. As an action, you can click the heels to set a return spot. At any later time as an action, you can click the heels to return to the return spot. Usable once per mission
661 Stasis Grenade* 1 All targets in L.O.S. including modules are impervious and cannot act until the end of the next phase. Nothing can enter the area
662 Stasis Rifle 5 Target must make an Athletics check of 11 or be put into stasis. Items in stasis are impervious and cannot act or be acted upon until the end of the next phase
663 Verdant Toadstool* 1 Administer as a free action to restore all hit points to a character whose damage does not exceed their hit points by more than 5
664 Bizarreobject ? Starts as any random treasure item but changes function to be a new treasure item each time it is used
665 Partial E-Grail 5 Expend to choose any Overwhelming success reward from page 149
666 Whole E-Grail 5 Expend to choose anything on this treasure chart from 111 to 665

* Items with an asterisk are consumable and can be scrounged up in numbers equal to the MD at the end of a successful mission.

Unique Treasures

These objects can be installed in the Helm module between missions. They are not destroyed unless the ship they are modifying is destroyed. They can be taken out of the ship between missions or with the "downgrade" action (BSA 43).

If you roll a treasure you've already seen, use the next higher one and then roll over to “2” if you've finished the chart.

2 Reverse This starship can have negative speed. Track reverse speed by flipping the indicator bead.
3 Luck Spool When a hero spends luck at a battlestation, roll a die. On a roll of 6, the Luck point is replenished.
4 Homing Laser The ship adds the number of scans it has on an object to any attempt to target that object.
5 Fresh Air Any attempt to heal aboard the ship is at -3 difficulty and heals an extra point per die.
6 Rabbit's Foot Skill checks for battlestation actions aboard this ship succeed on doubles other than “1,1”.
7 Unbreakable This ship loses a Broken marker of its crew's choice at the end of each Phase.
8 Shifting Modules Modules on this ship can be shifted with a special Reconfigure action (see below).
9 Enhanced Life Support All crew arrive with an extra Hit Point and all pools one deeper at the start of a mission.
10 Unhittable Skill checks to target the ship that result in doubles miss the ship instead.
11 Internal Transit System Any crew may spend their move action and one Shields power to move between any two battlestations on the ship as long as the modules they are traveling between (including start point and destination) are not damaged.
12 The Button Hit this button as an automatic action at any battlestation to turn your ship's registry ability to that of any species. The ship layout remains the same.


(Engineering vs. 8, +3 per additional reconfiguration, +3 if remote)

Success rotates the module or switches it with an adjacent module or moves it to an empty space. At the end of the action, the ship must be left with all modules sharing a side with at least one other module.

Modules in an illegal position will not function and must be moved with the Reconfigure action before they will.

1) , 2) , 3) , 4) , 5) , 6) , 7)
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