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Profession : Scientist
Species : Canosian
Alien Ability : Tumble: Canosians get one free move action each phase. This movement can be made before or after any other action, including a normal move (see Move Actions, page 31).

Skill Level Statistics
Athletics 2 HP Base 8 Hit Points 15
Combat 4 Move 7 Damage
Engineering 1 Luck 11 Spent Luck
Piloting 0 Target Number 8 Rank 5
Science 4 Hands Carry 20
Prestige 0 Experience 300 Credits 300

Special Abilities

Ability Notes Pool Used
Calm You've been through worse situations than this one. Due to your steely nerve, you may opt to spend from this pool to take an “8” on a skill check instead of (and before) rolling the dice. No dice are thrown and there are none to reroll. Figure the difficulty as normal. 10
Mobile Add +2 to your Move attribute. You may ignore OOC for movement. You also get a free reroll on Athletics skill checks to move extra squares. You may take this ability any number of times to gain +2 Move and a reroll for each time you take it.
Fortunate You may spend 1 Luck to nudge a luckable die upwards by one instead of rerolling. You cannot nudge a “6” upwards. This ability may be used only once per check.
Forethinker You can roll your skill check before declaring an action. Roll two dice at the start of your turn. These dice will apply to your action this turn.
Adaptable As an automatic action you may spend one Luck and replace this ability with any special ability for the remainder of the mission.

Personal Equipment

Item Notes Mass Status
Disintegrator 1d6 damage + Athletics check of 8 or disintegrate. 9
Medkit A MedKit in hand allows you to use your Science skill to heal, detoxify or de-ionize yourself and/or adjacent characters. 5



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