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Profession : Pilot
Species : Silicoid
Alien Ability : Rocky: Silicoids may reduce any damage inflicted upon them by 1d6. Note: this does not affect non- point-based damaging effects such as disintegrators or stun effects.
Strong: Silicoids have +10 Carry limit and deal +1 damage on all melée attacks.

Skill Level Statistics
Athletics 2 HP Base 9 Hit Points 14
Combat 1 Move 4 Damage
Engineering 2 Luck 8 Spent Luck
Piloting 4 Target Number 7 Rank 3
Science 0 Hands 1 Carry 30
Prestige 300 Experience 400 Credits

Special Abilities

Ability Notes Pool Used
Steady Handed Your piloting maneuvers always generate half as much OOC (round up). You may steady the ship as an automatic action.
Power Slider You may combine Helm maneuvers by adding +3 to the difficulty of the hardest maneuver for each additional maneuver you want to add. You may not include steadying the ship in your maneuver or more than one atmospheric maneuver or docking maneuver.
Reflexive You may Dodge or Ram once per Phase during ship movement or missile resolution as a free action.

Personal Equipment

Item Notes Mass Status
JetPack 4
Blaster 2d6-1 4



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