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Flippy Nips

Profession : Marine
Species : Silicoid
Alien Ability : Rocky: Silicoids may reduce any damage inflicted upon them by 1d6. Note: this does not affect non- point-based damaging effects such as disintegrators or stun effects.
Strong: Silicoids have +10 Carry limit and deal +1 damage on all melée attacks.

Skill Level Statistics
Athletics Athletics 4 HP Base 9 Hit Points Hit Points 17
Combat Combat 3 Move Move 4 Damage
Engineering Engineering 0 Luck Luck 9 Spent Luck
Piloting Piloting 1 Target Number Target Number 7 Rank 4
Science Science 1 Hands Hands 1 Carry 50
Prestige 200 Experience 600 Credits

Special Abilities

Ability Notes Pool Used
Sure Handed You may choose to ignore the dangerous effects of your dangerous weapons. Any time you would damage a module or a friendly with a direct personal attack you may reroll a damage die. You get a free reroll on attempts to quickdraw, o repair personal items. Reduce the penalty for using an item after quickdrawing by 1. You also get +1 Luck.
JetPack Jockey Reduce the difficulty by 3 for your Piloting skill checks to use a JetPack. You also get a reroll in JetPack skill checks.
Shock Trooper As a free action at the end of your final movement in a Phase, you may spend from this pool to go on overwatch to attack with a personal weapon (or unarmed). Note that you may not go on overwatch in the middle of your action. 6
[rank 4]

Personal Equipment

Item Notes Mass Status
JetPack 4
Blaster 2d6-1 4
Energy Blade 3d6-3 damage. Dangerous. Hurts you on doubles. Each time you use an Energy Blade in a module, roll one die. If that die comes up “6” the ship suffers 1 point of hull damage and the module gets a broken marker. 8
Toolkit Reduce the difficulty of Engineering skill checks to upgrade, repair, install or put out local fires by 1. 5
Medkit A MedKit in hand allows you to use your Science skill to heal, detoxify or de-ionize yourself and/or adjacent characters. 5



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