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Dr Worm

Profession : Scientist
Species : diploid
Alien Ability : Bifurcation: Diploids get two separate turns each phase as if they were two characters with the same body. All active skill check actions in phases (not upgrades, requisitions) are at a +3 penalty. They must complete their actions separately. They may not maintain overwatch with one “head” while acting with the other.

Skill Level Statistics
Athletics Athletics 2 HP Base 4 Hit Points Hit Points 9
Combat Combat 2 Move Move 3 Damage
Engineering Engineering 2 Luck Luck 8 Spent Luck
Piloting Piloting 1 Target Number Target Number 8 Rank 3
Science Science 3 Hands Hands 2 Carry 20
Prestige 0 Experience 200 Credits

Special Abilities

Ability Notes Pool Used
Patient When you Prepare, you reduce the difficulty of the skill check by 3 instead of 1. You may, on your subsequent action, convert your prepare to overwatch (see page 29) without losing the benefit by spending an additional action. You may also move after a Prepare action without losing the benefit as long as you don't take another action. Free actions do not count against you in this.
Bosun You know every square micrometer of the ship like the back of your hand. Reduce the remote action penalty by 1 for you. You get a pool of 5 rerolls for use on any battlestation action. 5
Research Specialist You always count only half the Used markers on the Science Bay for penalties (round up). Furthermore, you may spend from this pool to reroll any use of the Science Bay. 2

Personal Equipment

Item Notes Mass Status
JetPack 4



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