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Profession : Engineer
Species : Whistler
Alien Ability : Puff: One of your moves in each move action may be a jet move in a straight line up to 10 squares. This jet doesn’t require a skill check.

Skill Level Statistics
Athletics 2 HP Base 9 Hit Points 15
Combat 2 Move 5+2 Damage
Engineering 5 Luck 9 Spent Luck
Piloting 0 Target Number 7 Rank 4
Science 0 Hands 4 Carry 20
Prestige 200 Experience 300 Credits

Special Abilities

Ability Notes Pool Used
Engine Specialist You know how to manage an Engine. You get a pool of rerolls to use when pumping an Engine for power, transferring power, upgrading, or repairing an Engine. 10
Mobile Add +2 to your Move attribute. You may ignore OOC for movement. You also get a free reroll on Athletics skill checks to move extra squares. You may take this ability any number of times to gain +2 Move and a reroll for each time you take it.
Persevering Whenever you fail a skill check, your next check in that skill is at -3 difficulty with a free reroll if it is your next action.
Noble The difficulty to assist you is one easier. When you are assisted, the difficulty for your subsequent action is reduced by one more. You may use other characters' Luck with their permission. At the end of each campaign turn, roll a number of dice equal to your rank and collect a number of credits equal to 100 times the total. This roll is luckable.

Personal Equipment

Item Notes Mass Status
Blaster 2d6-1 4
Toolkit Reduce the difficulty of Engineering skill checks to upgrade, repair, install or put out local fires by 1. 5



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